Košice Airport, originally a military base, has provided services for military, private and sports flights since its inception. Aviation history in Košice has more than a century of tradition, starting with the first air day with a gas balloon in 1906. The first air day with airplanes followed in 1910 in Krásná nad Hornádom.

In 1920, the first military airport was established, which also served civilian flights. A crucial moment was the launch of the Czechoslovak State Airlines route from Bratislava to Košice in May 1924. A year later, an important aviation day was held at the airport.

After the Second World War, in 1946, air transport to Košice was restored, which started operations on the line Košice-Sliač-Bratislava-Brno-Prague. Due to the insufficient capacity of the old airport for modern aircraft, the construction of the current airport in Barca began in 1950.

In 1953, a 2,000 meter long runway, taxiways and an apron were completed. In 1955, a direct line from Prague to Košice began to operate, known as the East Slovak Express. In 1959, military aviation schools were moved to Košice, which led to a mixed military-civilian operation. In the period 1974-1977, the runway was extended by 1,100 meters.

Comprehensive reconstruction of the runways and handling area took place in 1992-1993. The construction of the new terminal began in 2001 and was opened in 2004, which won the Construction of the Year 2005 award. In 2004, the company Letisko Košice – Airport Kosice, a.s. was founded, and in 2006 a strategic partner arrived. In 2007, the equipment area was expanded, which increased the number of stands.