Upon arrival at the airport, three parking options are available:

P1 – Short-term parking in front of the terminal:

  • First hour of parking: 5 €
  • Each additional hour: €4
P2 – Parking for escort, welcome or drop-off:
  • Free parking within 10 minutes (with parking ticket marking)
  • Total price for 1 hour (including the first 10 minutes free): €2.50
P3 – Long-term parking:
  • Ideal for longer vacations or business trips
  • The price list for long-term parking is listed separately
Additional information:
  • Reservation: Not available, but the parking lot has enough free spaces.
  • Security: The car is monitored by a camera system during the entire stay.
  • Parking ticket: It is required to pay the parking fee and leave the parking lot.
  • Parking system: Fully automated.
Payment for parking:
  • Payment machines: Located in front of the terminal building.
  • Payment methods: Cash (coins: €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1, €2; banknotes: €5, €10, €20, 50 €) or payment card, including contactless payment.
Parking price list:
The new functionality enables contactless payment of the parking fee when exiting the P1 and P2 parking lots:
  • Contactless payment: Possible directly at the exit.
  • Payment methods: Payment card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, NFC.
  • PIN and other devices: There is no need to enter a PIN, use a mobile phone or smart watch.
Important Notice:
  • Maximum spending from machines: €20.
  • Time limit after payment: Leaving the parking lot within 10 minutes.
Further details are given in the price list below. For questions regarding parking, contact:
  • P1: Short-term parking, €5 for the first hour.
  • P2: Long-term parking, first 10 minutes free.
  • P3: Long-term parking.
  • ACD: Payment terminal.
  • ACC: Payment machine at the exit – only accepts payment cards.